10 Epic Themed Rooms For Girls

What’s better than playing barbies and dress up? Well, it’s playing barbies and dress up in a feminine, girly & fun room of course! Get some awesome ideas on how to transform your angel’s bedroom with our compilation of 10 Epic Themed Girls Rooms. Your little girl will be acting like sugar, spice and everything nice to try to get you to change their rooms into one of these awesome themes.

PrincessSource: Pinterest
Every girl dreams of being a beautiful princess in a castle fit for a queen, and this room goes all out when it comes to elegance. From the detailed white furniture, to the crown printed wall paper and the delicate drapes in the window. Your girl will truly feel like a princess playing in this room!

CastleSource: www.wsj.com

If the last princess themed room got you feeling inspired to redecorate your girl’s room, this one is going to make your jaw drop! It features a lovely puffy, pink and cream bed right underneath a canopy, stair and slide combo. You can’t help but feel like you are on your castle’s balcony overlooking your kingdom! This is truly royal treatment.

FairySource: www.distrohome.com

What’s more girly than fairies and pixie dust? This adorable woodland fairy bed is made to look like a tree stump among mushrooms on the forest floor, complete with little lily pad stairs for your girl to hop up into bed. This is really just too cute!

Forest Wonderland
Forest WonderlandSource: www.boredpanda.com

The next room features really adorable, chic & stylish jungle themed decor and furniture. Giant, silky-soft flower rugs to sit and play on, and you can even hang from branches with the monkeys on your swing! Your little girl would love to hangout in here.

Secret Chronicles Of Narnia
Narnia room

Narnia room 2Sources: www.demilked.com and i.imgur.com

This room’s theme is based on the movie or book “The Chronicles of Narnia.” If your girl has read the book or seen the movie, this would be an awesomely creative take on her playroom. She’ll be able to enter through the closet doors into Narnia, and go inside to her private play house and feel like she’s actually in one of her favorite stories!

Tree House
Tree House
Source: www.erahomedesign.com

I don’t know a single kid that didn’t want a tree house at some point. Adventure is fun for any child, so this would be perfect for a girl. You can see the parent’s added feminine touches like they sea foam green paint and the giant pink and white flowers growing up the walls. There’s even a pony in the corner, she can slide down from her tree house and take her pet pony for a ride around the room!

Parisian Vintage Barbie
Barbie 2Source: www.designdazzle.com

A Barbie themed bedroom would make any girl’s jaw drop and eyes light up. This is a beautiful, tasteful take on vintage Barbie decor. Polka dots, pink, black and white with the iconic Barbie logo makes this room look like Barbie herself lived here!

Race Car
Race Car Source: www.cdn.home-designing.com

Do you have a spy girl in your home? Is she just as adventurous as your little boy? Maybe you should get her a an awesome hot pink speedster. She can pretend to be cruising down the highway to hit the mall for shopping, or she can make it to her mission to fight crime quickly and swiftly!

OceanSource: www.truereviews.us

This one is sort of an under the sea/mermaid themed girl’s room! Every little girl loves mermaids and wishes she could be one. Now she can pretend to! The transitioning to light blue to deep blue on the walls makes you feel like you’re really under water, and the ocean decor just adds to the environment. So soothing!

Source: Pinterest

This sister themed room is so sweet! Here is an awesome way to show your girls how much you love them, and how much they should love and care for each other!  This beautiful pink room for two is perfect is you have more than one little princess.

Aren’t these rooms just so inspiring? I would love to transform my child’s room into something like this for them, they would always remember how cool their room was when they were little!


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