10 Must See Kitchen Islands With Seating

When you think of the kitchen, many things may come to mind. Prepping, cooking and serving food to family and friends, gathering around the table to create memories and share stories, or having your little one pull up a stool to help you bake cookies. Why not look here? See the advantages of having caster wheels in your kitchen organizer to make it easier for you to move. The kitchen is a comforting and magical place, and it’s always great to have some extra seating in there for your guests. Check out this list of amazing kitchen islands with seating! You can also talk to professionals at Premium Electric about kitchen lighting tips to ensure that installation is done perfectly. To further improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, you may consider installing a vinyl flooring that will match your kitchen’s design.

RetractableStool | lovelyspaces.com
Photo Source: housebeautiful

This is a fantastic idea and such a wise use of space! Look at how they installed pull-out stools that have been incorporated into the actual island. If you are just a bit short on space, but are very determined to get some seating around your island, this is surely the perfect design for you!

Mediterranean kitchen island|lovelyspaces.com
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Do you have limited counter space but a lot of extra floor space in your kitchen area? Well, why not just throw in two islands? This will offer a lot more space for prepping and cooking, and some extra seating for your friends to come and keep you company while you’re getting dinner ready!

small kitchen island | lovelyspaces.com
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A small kitchen island is perfect for the smaller family. Maybe you don’t need all the extra counter space or seating, but you still love the look of a nice island. Choosing a smaller, two seater island may be the choice for you!

kitchen island with couch | lovelyspaces.com
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This is thinking outside of the box! These homeowners decided to try to pair up the dining table with the island as sort of a booth seating arrangement. This is an unbelievably unique idea and gives off a lovely “Bed & Breakfast” vibe. If you’re tired of the typical island design, try something different like the one above!

kitchen island with roman seating | lovelyspaces.com
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This lengthy kitchen island has a seating capacity of up twelve people if you added a few more stools. Incredible, right? This kitchen island is perfect for a large family with lots of friends! All of your guests can easily be in the center of action and mingle while the meal is being cooked.

custom made kitchen island with seating | lovelyspaces.com
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This is the perfect island for the everyday family. With more of a typical design, it can seat up to four guests and has nice comfortable stools paired up a lovely granite counter top.

L-shaped kitchen island with seating | lovelyspaces.com
Photo Source: daughtryfan

Here’s another unique design where the homeowners decided to kind of incorporate the island with their dining table. This island offers both counter space, and seating. While the bright white and contrasting dark wood makes the whole room pop!

red kitchen island with seating | lovelyspaces.com
Photo Source: homestratosphere

This is a nice way to go if you want your kitchen space to be bold and modern. They used a polished red wood finish on almost everything making it look and feel very futuristic. Also the curved, two tier island offers a ton more counter space.  They’ve even incorporated a burner on top of their island for some extra cooking space!

small blue kitchen island | lovelyspaces.com
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A modern, smaller island is nice when you don’t have a ton of space in your kitchen area. These homeowners just designed it to fit where they needed it to fit! This uniquely shaped island will seat three guests.

greek designed kitchen island | lovelyspaces.com
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If you have Greek roots, this is definitely the kitchen for you! It’s quirky and luxurious, with the use of glossy marble and statuesque women’s faces printed on the back of the islands stools.


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