Dabble Magazine: Design, Travel Food; Issue #1

I always keep my eyes out for new design magazines – I think like a lot of people I’m stilling hoping for a suitable replacement for the near, dear and departed Domino. So when I first heard of new online mag Dabble a few months ago, my interest was piqued.

It wasn’t going to be that long-awaited exact replacement, but they did promise a magazine filled with three of the things I love most: Design, Travel and Food. How could you go wrong with that combination?

Well, technically, I guess you COULD go wrong: the problem I have with a lot of new online magazines is that they’re operating under a small budget and have a tendency to be a little thin (both in terms of number of pages and in depth). But when Dabble launched today, all 160-ish pages of it, I was happy to find that I wasn’t done reading the entire thing in 15 minutes.

The premiere issues takes us from Nashville (my current home) to Prague with stops in between to sample food, local life, and design shops. The magazine also has it’s share of product picks, home tours and a few how-to’s to round things out as each topic easily rolls into the next.

Even without bribing me by featuring Nashville in it’s launch issue, I’d still be a fan. As it is, I’ve found a few places to check out that I’ve missed here locally, as well as some ideas for my next vacation.

The website isn’t launching for another few weeks, but you can check out the first issue here and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.



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