5 Stylish Sofas Under $1000

Our current sofa is a $600 overstuffed two-seater that we bought about 5 years ago from a generic local chain furniture store. We got it because of the price and because it was relatively unoffensive in comparison to some of the stuff we had seen, but we’ve never been wild about it.

When we got our puppy, her claws and the sofa fabric didn’t really agree and she tore it up in a few spots when nobody was looking. And then somehow one of the pieces of the frame broke, so there’s no support on the top part of the left arm anymore. Plus now we’re living in an actual house instead of an apartment so we have a little more room to work with.

In other words – we totally need a new sleeper sofa.

We don’t have much more in a budget this time around, but we definitely want something more modern and in line with our style so that it will tie in with the rest of our decor better. We also want something that’s less bulky (hello clean lines!) and a little longer (so more than two people could potentially sit on it).

So lately I’ve been checking out some of the sofas that have come out recently from a few of my favorite stores – many of them right around the $1000 mark:

The Clark Sofa – West Elm ($999)

The Nines Apartment Sofa – Crate and Barrel ($899)

Hennessy Sofa – Crate and Barrel ($999)

The Tyler Sofa – Pottery Barn ($899 – $1399 depending on fabric)

The Benny Sofa – ZGallerie ($999)

No decisions yet, but it’s nice to know that there’s a ton of options within our price range!

The Nines Apartment Sofa



  1. Z Gallerie has 10% off furniture right now so the Benny sofa would be $100 less!! That is a great sofa!! I just bought the SoHo at Z Gallerie, got the discount, and I love it!

  2. That’s a great deal! Thanks for sharing :)

    Out of all of them, the one at West Elm and the ones at ZGallerie (there’s actually a few of them) are my favorites.

  3. Check and see if there are any Arhaus furniture clearance centers near you. My sister just got a $3000 retail sofa there for $900. We bought a gorgeous 3 section solid walnut modern entertainment center for $720 and it retails for $4000!

  4. Found this in House Beautiful Feb. 2010 issue while waiting at the Dr’s office. Affordable Sofas Pgs. 26 & 27 There were some really beauties at $999 :) Good Luck!