Bathroom Organization Tips

It’s the time of the year for spring cleaning! What better way to get started than to revamp your bathroom with a fresh new, organized look?! We’re here to help you with some trendy organizing tips.

Invest in milk crates or nice boxes,


Wooden boxes not only look lovely in a space, but they are super durable and sturdy as well. If you’re going for a farm house or industrial look these add to the aesthetic perfectly. They are also a nice alternative to wire baskets, which sometimes cannot hold smaller bathroom items! We also recommend looking into wooden boxes that have been treated and won’t warp due to water damage or condensation since that is very likely to occur in a bathroom. You can check out and go to my site to learn more about water damage and how to deal with those.

The more shelves, the better


Shelves just create more space to put things like towels, bottles, toilet paper, etc. They can also be a great decorative piece. These shelves are great if you’re going for an industrial or farmhouse look to your space! They look good, are easy to make, and provide plenty of space for things to go. One of our favorite looks right now is having shelves over the toilet, which is great for storing extra toilet paper (so you don’t inconveniently run out), air freshener, and towels.

Use decor as storage space


Pretty jars aren’t just for looks, you can use them to store items such as q-tips, cotton balls, and tissues. Decorative trays are also good for this, trays can be used to put hand towels, extra toilet paper (we’re all about not running out), makeup, oils and perfumes, and so much more.

No matter how you do it, you won’t regret organizing your space. Having a place for everything to belong in can make you feel less stressed when you’re getting ready in the morning or winding down for bed. Let us know some of your favorite throne room organizing tips!




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