The Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo- the perfect tiny space companion

I live in a tiny townhouse just outside of Nashville. It has mostly hardwood floors but my bedroom and stairs are covered in carpet. I also have a very fluffy cat and a thick mane of hair on my head, what does this add up to? Hair everywhere!


But I just couldn’t justify spending $100 of my art school budget on a vacuum. No way, that’s a week’s worth of groceries! Anyway, the hair situation was getting out of hand, so I went to my favorite store (Target) and found a tiny little rechargeable sweeper that I honestly didn’t expect to work very well. It was $40 so it sounded like a good deal to me, even if it crapped out in a week. I just wanted the hair off of my floor! Little did I know, this tiny little vacuum would rock my world. Not only does it get all of the hair, litter, and craft messes off of the floor; it’s quiet, easy to maneuver under furniture, and easy to empty! It also holds A LOT of hair for how tiny it is! So let’s talk about what makes this little sweeper so great:


The design of this vacuum is great for tiny spaces. It’s small, compact, and stores easily. The handle is removable if you really need to fit it in a tight closet or under your bed! Also, if you don’t want to take the handle off, it swivels and lays relatively flat; so it could still squeeze under taller bed frames. The ability to take the handle off is great, you can get into hard-to-reach places without having to deal with how long the handle is. It’s great for cleaning stairs too, because you have more control over where the vacuum goes!

Another great design feature is the weight of the vacuum. I hate large vacuums because they are so bulky and difficult to carry! Especially for someone who has a lot of stairs (like me). So when I felt how lightweight it is, I was overjoyed! No more carrying a giant vacuum covered in a bulky cord! No more using two hands to lift the vacuum up the stairs!

vaccum (5 of 7)

vaccum (2 of 7)


The noise level on this little guy is minimal, which is amazing. It’s enough noise to stress out my cat, but not enough noise to wake up my roommate when I’m vacuuming with my door shut. Although, if you vacuum up a bobby pin (like I did) you’ll get quite a bit of noise from the metal hitting the plastic. So while it happens and doesn’t hurt the vacuum too bad, I would avoid sweeping up toys, hair accessories, and other things that don’t belong in a vacuum.

The little bin on the front is where all of the dirt collects, and it’s really easy to empty. You just lift it out, and dump all of the dirt into a trash can, and you’re done! If you have a lot of hair in your carpet like I do, you may need to clean of the little red cleaning brushes, but that’s as easy as pulling the hair out. If your dirt cup is getting a little dingy, you can just clean it out with water, dry it with a paper towel, and stick it back into the vacuum. If you want to learn about how to properly clean your carpet, you can pop over to this website at

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One of the great features of the Perfect Sweep is that it’s rechargeable! There are no long cords you have to wind up or trip over. They advertise that the battery lasts for 60 minutes of sweeping, and so far that’s been pretty accurate.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this purchase. This little sweeper is perfect for my small budget and tiny space. It makes vacuuming a breeze and it’s easy to store away. My bank account isn’t crying, I have nice and clean carpet again, and I’m a happy girl. What are your favorite household cleaning items?




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