15 Luxurious Master Baths That Will Make You Want To Remodel

Everybody needs a bathroom in their home, but some people love to set the bar as high as they possibly can when it comes to that room. Who doesn’t want to relax and be at peace while in the restroom? So we went in search of some of he nicest, most glamorous, jaw dropping ones out there! We’ve compiled fifteen mind blowing and spa-like bathrooms that will definitely keep you held prisoner in your own home.


Hotel Bath Source: www.freshome.com

This is what the master bathroom at the Corinthia Hotel in London looks like if you’ll be staying in their royal suite. You’re immediately embraced with tones of champagne and honey while you’re relaxing in the warm waters. It’s also featuring an incredibly large marble counter that matches the color scheme perfectly, lovely tile floors, and plenty of room to get primped and ready for you evening out. What a glamorous design!

GRNY Source: www.grnyrenovation.com

I think luxury is an understatement when it comes to this room. A polished marble slab is set in the center of this bathroom to give you step up into the huge bowl like tub for you to soak in. As you can see there are “his and her” sinks, positioned at complete opposite sides of the room. With more than enough counter and storage space for you and your soul mate, and do I even have to mention those glass doors and view? Such a wonderful design to pull ideas from!

cream ceramic Source: www.homeozoic.com

Love the zen like feeling you get while visiting a really lovely spa? Well take this idea, and run with it! Turn your bathroom into your own little zen den to unwind in. Light some incense, set the mood lighting, add some candles & plant life and you’ve got yourself a bathroom you are never ever going to want to leave. Just look at those amazing double glazed sinks and the floor.

glamorous bath Source: www.homeozoic.com

Maybe contemporary designed bathrooms are more your style? Take a look at this one! The bathtub really steals the show with the fireplace accent behind. I also love how they kind of made everything look icy and cold except for the tub & fireplace where you’ll be soaking in warm water. That effect would make you want to stay in there as long as you possibly can.

trends Source: www.projectapp.co
How about a Romanesque style bathroom? It’s complete with gorgeous ceramic tiles, his and her separate sinks & counter spaces, a beautiful glass door leading into the shower with a Greek goddess playing a harp printed onto it, and a magnificent bathtub that is calling to you like the sirens of the sea! Careful not to fall in… or you may never get out!

tropical Source: www.zillow.com

Maybe you want to bathe in a tropical, oceanic themed paradise? If that’s the case, this design will surely win you over. A soaking tub is placed in the corner by the bay window, with an incredibly vast view of the ocean to enjoy while you’re soaking. The large pillar near the tub is has a mosaic tiled appearance, with colors ranging from light sea foam green to deep ocean blue. Not to mention the walls have been designed to look like coral reef. The really hit the nail on the head with this ocean inspired room!

koi Source: www.luxurybathrooms.eu
A modern, luxuriously designed Koi Fish Scale Bathtub by Maison Valentina really brings a unique appeal into this room. It’s also complete with the matching sinks. We absolutely love the different use of black and white marbles in this bathroom as well. A very modern and one of a kind design!

rustic bath Source: www.luxurybathrooms.eu

This one looks like it is made to look like a rustic old bath house out on the countryside. We love the coziness of this bathroom! It brings an old fashioned, at home atmosphere that is just enchanting when you walk in. Small details truly bring this room together though. Like the wooden basket of dried grasses and lavender, the rickety looking canopy peeking out over the bath house entrance, and the worn navy blue paint on the cupboards that are reminiscent of an aged barn. SO lovely!
sea facing Source: www.luxurybathrooms.eu

Two things that come to mind when I think about calm environments, are the sea and a de-cluttered, open space. This bathroom brings the best of both worlds to relaxing in the tub. A spacious clean room, with a spacious clean view. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

french country Source: www.luxurybathrooms.eu

A historical french looking theme for a bathroom is classy but sophisticated in so many ways. We don’t think this feminine, delicate design will ever go out of style! Everything from the vanity, to the tub, to the mirrors have elaborate and appealing designs on them. If you want a luxurious space to have some peace and quiet in, maybe this is the style to go with!

modern bath Source: www.luxurybathrooms.eu

This is a very uniquely designed bathroom. It has a wooden vanity sink, floral carved mirror frames, chic green tiled walls, polished steel accessories, yellow/green floor tiles and a deluxe aged golden bathtub. It’s combining a ton of wonderful styles and finishes to create it’s own special, one of a kind bathroom. You’d think all the different types of material used in this bathroom would clash, but obviously they work fabulously with each other! Just look at that room! This is so inspiring.

foxy modern rustic Source: www.godfatherstyle.com

Having an outdoorsy, paradise, get away themed bathroom is always the tip top of luxury in our book. We love how this room gives off the feeling of taking a private jet to your private island. The natural wood slab used for the sink and the overall openness of the room to the outdoors really makes this bathroom trip feel like a vacation. Also incorporating lots of plants (fake or real) into your bathroom always gives off a wonderful, livened up vibe. So many great ideas for bathroom remodeling!

shower cubicle Source: www.terrysfabrics.co.uk
The bathroom here really showcases the bathing area uniquely. You enter almost another section of the bathroom to get to the bathtub, which has a very lovely view. You can’t help but feel luxurious while you’re in here. Large, white, marble tiles beneath your feet really give off that mansion feel. If you want to go all out, you should go with a style similar to this!

private spa Source: www.terrysfabrics.co.uk
Here’s another spa-like bathroom that we literally just can’t resist. Everything about this room is appealing to the eyes, you almost can’t stop looking. The bright white walls and bathtub transport you immediately to Santorini, Greece. And the candles reflecting off the water will surely ease your mind and your muscles as soon as you slip yourself into that tub.

regal bath Source: www.terrysfabrics.co.uk

Truly a royal color combination! These home owners truly designed a bathroom fit for a king and queen. Gold and purple graces this bathroom in many forms, as well as a clean, luxurious looking white marble floor with black accent lining. This one is breathtaking, isn’t it?


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