Inspired Taxidermy


Cardboard, wood, and foam deer heads are making a comeback, and they’ve brought a few friends! A growing trend that we saw during the last holiday season was faux taxidermy. Though it may seem odd at first, this is a great way to add a fun detail to your walls, and there are so many to browse from! You can find wild, domestic, and even mythical animals like unicorns and dinosaurs. These heads can make great featured wall pieces or work fabulously in a gallery wall space. Here are a few of our favorite finds:


oh, deer!


these three little bears will complete any gallery wall


this guy is a fun take on the trend, stuffed and great for a kid’s room!


this is a lovely little DIY lion


uh, who doesn’t want a unicorn on their wall?!

Not a fan of wild animals? Maybe add a tribute to your favorite furry friend to your wall!


for those who prefer the “pug life”


a simple tribute to man’s best friend


cat lovers rejoice, here’s a memento to your favorite feline!

There are so many different ways to rock this trend. Finding faux taxidermy is fairly easy! Your local craft store, Etsy, Target, and Amazon have a lot to offer and Pinterest (as usual) is a great place to find inspiration. You might also learn more about it through sites like, that you can gain sufficient knowledge about it.

We hope that you’ve been inspired to try out faux taxidermy for yourself! Feel free to share images of your own lovely spaces in our Facebook comments!




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