Life, Simplified

The husband and I have spent the last few weekends de-cluttering our house. We’re not pack-rats, but it’s amazing how much you can accumulate over a few years without even trying. We packed up a lot of books to give to the library (thanks to the Kindle, we’re buying less paper books these days) and threw out 5 bags of random things we didn’t need or want anymore.

You see, when we decided we wanted to move to France and bought our house over there, one thing we knew was that we were making a conscious choice to value experience and a way of life over things. We know that when we move overseas, it will be easiest to do if we don’t have much to take with us, and we’ve found that we love the sparseness of our home there.

Which is why this video of a simple and stripped down life speaks so much to me:

COFFER from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo.

Via the lovely folks at Three Potato Four.



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