Paint It Red

The front door of our new place is black (or maybe dark green, it’s really hard to tell). Against the red brick, it looks like a black hole into our house; not very welcoming. One of the goals for this spring is to replace it with a door that lets in a little light, and paint it bright red.

It will look charming, don’t you think?

I also through about painting it yellow.. but figured it might be a little over the top. What have you done with your front door to spruce it up?

Images (flickr): 1. Red Door, Post-it Note 2. Dublin 3. Red Door 1 4. Red door



  1. Our home is red brick with white trim. I painted the shutters a rich cocoa brown then painted the front door a rich periwinkle blue with a deep lavender undertone. We put 2 burnt orange 1960’s wicker chairs on the porch with a 60’s wire plant stand painted white and I made sunbrella cushions striped in the same blue, acid green with orange and yellow tiny accent stripes. Of course the next season they came out with these great 60’s inspired floral prints but my budget was slotted elsewhere. C’est la vie! Kinda thinking of painting the door acid green now but don’t think the hubs will go for it.

  2. That sounds so perfect – would be right at home in south of france or italy I think! Must be a great spot to have some lemonade in the summer.