Bedroom Storage for Blanket and Pillows

There’s nothing more luxurious and than coming home every night to a crisply made bed piled with pillows and draped with the cozy blanket. But there’s nothing less glamorous than tripping over those pillows in the middle of the night after you’ve chucked them onto the floor so you can sleep.

Bedroom Storage - Blankets

Solution? A huge, wide mouth basket that let’s you stack all your extra bedding away for the night. Because our bedroom’s color scheme is grays/black and yellow, we were thrilled when we scored this distressed black basket from World Market on sale for under $40! But you can probably find yours anywhere that stocks home accessories. You may also consider installing a gondola shelving system in your bedroom or storage room.

Now I just have to resist the urge to spend time artfully draping our blanket and stacking the pillows each night…



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