Quick Picks: Organize Your Office

Next to our living room, our office is probably the most used room in our home. It houses work stations for two people, an aquarium, storage for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else, plus a range of art and creative supplies.

And it’s not a large space. Which means organization is super-critical so that it doesn’t look like a cramped disaster zone all the time. We’re still working on transforming our office to a calming space where you’d actually want to work, but I thought I’d share some organizational goodies I’ve discovered along the way.

  • 1950s Gym Wire Locker Basket – These are popping up all over from sellers who specialize in vintage goods. These are a great way to organize magazines, papers, or other supplies you want to put away, but still be able to see.
  • Desktop Chalkboard – This won’t necessarily organize your space, but it will help you keep track of your thoughts. Love this as a quick way to write and share notes.
  • Old Wood Drawers – These come in dozens of shapes and sizes and are great for table top open storage.
  • I love Pottery Barn’s Daily System, it’s the ultimate wall organizer. The design is especially great because it’s modular, so you can pick and choose which elements work for you.
  • Lovely Address File – With my iPhone permanently attached to my hip, I can’t imagine actually keeping a Rolodex to store phone numbers and addresses, but I can totally see using this to neatly organize business cards and all those important little scraps of paper.

  • Fabric baskets – Great for storing odds and ends like yarn or craft supplies. These are natural linen and reversible!
  • See Jane Work Basics Letter Box – I use these to store torn out pages from magazines and old greeting cards.
  • Vintage Desk Trays – You can buy these new at any office supply store, but I love the details and worn look of their vintage cousins.
  • Alex Drawer Unit on Casters – Ikea has some of the best reasonably priced storage solutions, especially for small spaces. Love this one for storage of different paper types.

So there you have it! Some of my top picks for office organization. If you have any great ideas or tips for wrangling all your supplies and keeping things neat, drop us a comment.



  1. Love love lovvveeeee that chalkboard! If you love cool things to organize your office with then you’ll love this site I found called http://www.sortingwithstyle.com.

    I’m a little bit of a groupie when it comes to this site haha!

    PS I LOVE your blog! Keep up the good writing.

  2. Thanks Monica! Glad you enjoy :)

    I am checking out that site right now, they seem to have some awesome stuff.

    Feeling the gimme’s coming on…