Lighting up the Night

Three years ago we started on a decking project in our back yard to turn a hilly section of the lawn into usable space. It looked like this, back when we first started:

Today, it looks like this:

And at night:

A few of the things we love:

  • The River Birch we planted behind the deck. These guys love to soak up all the extra water that rolls down from the hill and we hope in a few more years it will help shade the deck from blistering TN summers.
  • Two varieties of edible grape vines, one on each side of the pergola, trained upwards. This is their second year in and it seems like they’ve done all their work on getting roots established. They have already grown 3-5 feet this year. We fully expect to be able to wander out and grab a snack from above our heads in another year or two.
  • Herbs. Everywhere. Many herbs are quite beautiful on their own, so there’s no reason to segregate them to their own planting beds. We mixed them in with abandon last year, and because the winter was so mild many of them came back up. Like our mint, which has spread like wildfire. We also have thyme, sage, and basil.
  • The string lights. At night, they light up the entire back yard well enough to walk, talk, and play games. We strung them all the way up to the deck off the back of our house where we have our dining table, which makes BBQing and eating outside irresistible.



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