Mid-Century Chair Love

There’s the furniture that I can actually afford to have in this lifetime, and then there’s the furniture I’d just love to have. With a $1,500 price tag, this chair definitely falls into the second category, but perhaps there’s a reasonable facsimile available somewhere for a more reasonable price?

It’s the buttery tan color of the leather that makes this piece especially delicious.



  1. We recently redid our whole house (well, 1 bedroom to go!) in mid century modern on a shoestring :) It takes persistence and the will to bite the bullet, pay the freight, and haunt every estate sale and resale shop within 100 miles. We even found a couple steals on Ebay and Craigslist. Spread the word, you might be surprised to find you have friends who loathe modern but have an Aunt Susie looking to pass on her treasures to another mid cent lover! Also keep posting what you’re looking for, loyal followers to the rescue. Good Luck :)